Redefining water resilience for the built environment

Leading the way in integrating water conservation and risk solutions – from the water meter to the point of water use

Our Mission

Accelerate water resilience in affordable housing and hospitality real estate

Together, we make a greater impact today in building resilient communities of tomorrow

ProdigyLink’s flexible approach and diverse portfolio of solutions enables us to serve as the core, or a component, of a comprehensive water conservation and risk strategy for affordable housing and hospitality developers, owners, and operators.

reduce water waste
showcase sustainability successes
increase net operating income
improve resident/guest experience
de-risk assets

Water is the climate change messenger

We are passionate about solving three major water challenges at the nexus of climate change, aging infrastructure, and technology innovation


Rising water and sewer costs

Climate change is placing a significant strain on water supplies and infrastructure. New and increased costs are being passed on from water agencies across the United States. The only option to hedge against these increasing costs is systemically reducing consumption.


Increasing frequency and costs of water damage

Property insurance premiums and asset management expenses are rising at unprecedented rates, in large part due to an increase in interior water damage caused by aging plumbing infrastructure and resident/guest conduct. Insurance carriers and investors are applying significant pressure to de-risk properties with innovative technologies.


Limited real-time water monitoring

Today in most water districts, analysis of water and sewer bills is the only way to identify water use anomalies, delaying the opportunity to address water waste and potential water damage. With rising water and sewer costs, asset management expenses, and property insurance premiums, real-time smart water monitoring is no longer optional.

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